Ottawa Dog Walkers & Ottawa Puppy Visits

Ottawa Dog Walks & Puppy Visits.

We specialize in forest adventures, socialization and training for longer stronger bonds between you and your dog.

The Dogawalk team believes in the physical, mental and spiritual development of your canine companion and this is best done with guided and safe forest adventures. Experienced Ottawa dog walkers and handlers will exercised, mentally stimulate and love your dog during long forest walks and breed specific activities. This kind of activity will lead to a deeper connection between you and your dog.

We understand that a dog walk is something very special for your canine companion. It’s a time to play, learn and socialize with other dogs and people. We understand that many Ottawa dog owners lead hectic and busy lives and sometimes it’s hard to get out for those much needed dog walks, that go beyond a stroll around the block. We pick up your dog and bring them for an Off-Leash dog walk for adventure with their friends for more than one hour. During the walk your dog will play with other dogs, explore, run off all their energy so that when you get home you will have a well balanced and and bonded with you.

Puppy visits: Puppy visits are for dogs that are too young to have received all of their shots

Boarding: We allow select dogs to live with us in our homes while you are away. While boarding with us, your dog will get 3 walks a day (usually with our day walkers) and fed their own food (to your specifications). Your dog wont get lonely either, they’ll get lots of cuddles, free to move about our home and get to play with our dog Holly. Like all walks, your dog will get to frolic in forests, explore new surroundings and socialize with other dogs.

Dog Walks & Puppy Visits for Healthier and psychologically balanced Ottawa dogs.

The benefits of a mid-day dog walks in a natural environment are, a more centered dog who is more at peace and receptive to training. This will strengthen your connection with your dog and create a deeper connection and friendship between the two of you. With a natural Off-Leash walk, your dog’s energy will be released naturally so the two of you can spend more quality time together when you get home from work. A natural dog walk will give your dog a chance to engage with other dogs naturally and with lots of socialization as they explore their natural environment. Natural dog walks will release your dog’s inner dog, center them psychologically and connect them to nature. Your dog will release pent up energy, be calmer when you get home and less likely to engage in destructive behavior.

Dog Walks Dog Walks Dog Walks

Dogs that get mid-day walks are:

  • More receptive to training.

  • Less likely to experience anxiety

  • Lower levels of stress

  • Become more bonded to you

  • Show improvement in intelligence

  • Just get to be a dog

The first thing to making a happier and healthier dog is to book a complementary meeting with us.

What to expect from our meeting:

  • Assess your dog’s basic level of training
  • Ask about your dog’s recall and general temperament
  • Learn about the type of service you require
  • Give you a chance to ask questions

After our initial complementary meeting, you may make a schedule for your dog to join in the fun, all you have to do is lean back and reap the benefits of a socialized and well-exercised canine companion who will thank you for the adventures and fun.

*Special, one dog, one handler excursions can be arranged.

If you have any questions you may Contact Us