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Private Classes

Aggression and Fear/Reactivity Behaviour Modification: $1200+HST for eight 1 hour sessions

We find that a minimum of eight sessions is necessary to see long-lasting behavioural changes.

Dogs that are aggressive or have fear-based behaviour/reactivity must attend private sessions for training.  This includes biting, resource guarding, and aggression to other dogs or people.  An intensive and customized training plan will be developed to treat the sources of the behaviour and to give you the strategies to improve the relationship between you and your dog.  We will bring in known and trusted dogs to assist with training if needed. 

Behavioural Therapy Training (Separation Anxiety, Impulse control, Jumping/Lunging, Food Stealing etc.):  $900+HST for eight 1 hour sessions 

Private classes are recommended where more intensive behavioural therapy is needed.  We will focus on the behaviours that need more attention while strengthening the communication skills that will give you and your dog the resources to build your best life together.

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