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We offer off-leash pack walks in the Ottawa area,

Ottawa west/Nepean, Kanata and Carp


Our mission is to provide safe, fun, activity filled walks for your dog. Whether your dog needs action or a more quiet walk with friends, your dog's safety, fun and comfort is our pride in what we do.

We don't just walk your dog, we provide walking adventures for your canine companion.

During the walk, your dog will play with other dogs, explore, and run off all their energy so that when you get home you will have a well-balanced companion.  At the end of the walk, we safely drop your dog off at home. We will make sure your dog is settled, has plenty of water to drink, and a couple of treats, too. As we leave, we make sure your home is secure.


Dogs that get mid-day walks are:

  • More receptive to training

  • Less likely to experience anxiety

  • Lower levels of stress

  • Become more bonded to you

  • Show improvement in intelligence

  • Just get to be a dog

Prior to any dog joining our adventures, we meet for an introduction and behavioral assessment to make sure our pack is the right fit for your dog.  You may make a schedule for your dog to join in the fun, socialize with other dogs and get well-exercised. Your canine companion will thank you for the Dogawalk adventures.

Be sure to check out our gallery and Instagram feeds to preview the Adventure that's in store for your dog!


3 - 4 Days

per Week


2 Days

per Week



5 Days

per Week


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