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Dogawalk believes in the physical, mental and spiritual development of our canine companions. Training and socialization, along with exercise and mental stimulation will lead to a deeper connection between you and your dog.  Our hope is to build a community of responsible and loving dog ownership.  

We are unlike any other dog training service.  We approach each dog as an individual and tailor training to meet specific needs in order to achieve an ideal outcome.  Our Adventure programs allow the dogs to engage and socialize in a natural environment, releasing their energy and anxiety and centering them psychologically.  All while having a blast with their people!

We wish to build communication between people and their dogs so that they may participate in many and more meaningful activities together.  Our goal is to make it so that you can bring your dog along wherever you go, whether that is going to the office, the main street, or the great outdoors.  



Will Wegenast

Lead Trainer, behavioral therapist,

Bah, B.S.T., DCE.


Kim Emde

Website, Scheduling, Assistant Trainer.


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