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Will and Holly

Will began as a behaviourist, working with people in a clinical environment.  Will has always been fascinated with behavior and the human-canine link. Will attended Queen's University where he studied psychology and started dog training in his spare time. Later, Will completed an advanced degree in Behavioural Science Technology and quickly realized how this could further his understanding of how mammals learn, communicate and bond.  For a while,  he was a Kindergarten teacher and Junior high school teacher. He then pivoted to the field of robotic aviation, designing, building and piloting systems in remote locations.  Still searching for information, he continued his education with, Dog Emotion and Cognition, a course from Duke University. He gained more practical experience from teaching dog training and puppy training.   He was drawn back to his roots when he started Dogawalk Adventures, a dog walking company, and he now applies his behaviourist experience working with dogs, humans, and the relationship between them. Will's experience, knowledge and intuition caught the eye of a local psychologist who now works in conjunction on some special projects involving Canine Assisted Therapy and Canine Reflective Therapy. When not working with people and their dogs, Will can be found hiking, mountain biking, and paddling with a dog by his side.

Will on the mountain
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