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Adult Dog Obedience

Private Obedience:  $675+HST for six 1 hour sessions
We will work with you and your dog to provide customized one-on-one training.  Your dog will learn the skills to become an excellent canine citizen.
Group Obedience I:  $360+HST for six 1 hour group classes
Dogs over 5 months of age.  (3 or more people needed for a class)
  • Handling exercises
  • Leash work
  • Walking with handler
  • Strengthening commands and attention (look)
  • Recall (come)
  • “Drop it/Leave it”
  • Addressing common troublesome behaviours (pulling, barking, jumping up, poor impulse control)
Group Obedience II:  $360+HST for six 1 hour group classes
Must have completed Obedience I with Dogawalk Adventures
This level of training will build on what you and you dog have learned, strengthening both of your communication skills. (3 or more people needed for a class)
  • Heeling and slack leash
  • Off-leash control and commands
  • Sit and stay for 1 minute, at a distance, and while handler is moving
  • Distance recall
  • Stop and sit on recall
  • Dealing distractions and strengthening attention
  • Non-verbal commands, gestures, eye gaze
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