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Board & Train is a great way to get your dog dialed in.  Whether you have a dog that you are struggling to manage, or you don't have time do the training  yourself, we can get you and your dog moving the right direction.  We will train your dog at our home for 14 days, using our proven methods.  We then bring you in for a one-hour session and give you a summary of what we did, and show you how to work with your dog to maintain the behaviours you want to see.  We are also available if you have follow-up questions.    

If desired and appropriate for your dog, we can train the use of an e-collar.  This tool is very effective and is used in a gentle and humane way to provide positive communication.


Our desired outcome is that your dog will learn acceptable behaviour, be a beloved member of your family, and a be safe and well-adjusted part of the community. If you have specific goals for your dog's training, let us know! 

We accept dogs with aggressive behaviours, for an increased fee, depending on the size of the dog and the behaviour in question.  Each dog will be assessed before boarding can begin. 

Board & Train Pricing:

14 day board & train including in-person session 


*does not include cost of training collars that may be recommended

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