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We offer Puppy classes and Obedience in group and private sessions at our training studio in Dunrobin, Ontario.  Private sessions are available for customized behavioural therapy for dogs dealing with aggression, separation anxiety or other issues that need a little extra attention.  We also offer Scent Training and one-of-a kind Advanced Adventure Training.
Our training is based on scientifically supported behavioural psychology.  We place an emphasis on teaching communication between dog and owner/parent/handler.  Training is tailored to the individual needs of each dog, to achieve an outcome that is ideal for both your dog and your family.  We believe that your dog must learn boundaries with people and other dogs.  It is important that they learn to listen in order to keep them safe and happy. Dogs want you to be there for them to provide structure and give them direction.  Training can provide a rich and dynamic relationship with your best friend, and a dog you can be proud of.
What training gives you and your dog:
  • Stronger bonds between owner & canine companion
  • Mutual respect and understanding for one another
  • Dog develops understanding of expectations 
  • Owner learns how to read dog's way of communicating
We require proof of vaccination for every dog in our program.  
What to bring to class:​
  • 6 ft leash (not retractable)
  • Simple flat collar
  • Treats (more information on when to use treats is a topic in our classes)
Minimum of three participants for a group class.
*Our training studio is on the second floor and is not accessible by wheelchair*
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